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Choreography & Master Classes


Michelle's choreographic and teaching endeavors divulge into two distinct areas: The world of tap, and the world of musical theatre.

For tap, she has taught at dance schools throughout the Northeast. Her tap choreography style is distinctly her: Characterized by rhythm-based steps with elements of funk, her unique use of all the stage's space, and her integration of the upper body and port de bras within tap dancing. Her work has been recognized at dance competitions all over the East Coast-- from being recognized as Top Teacher at StarSystems, to her routines winning NYCDA Critic's Choice Awards. While highly sought after as a tap teacher, she is proficient in all styles.

As for musical theatre, her choreographic work spans shows like 
HairsprayAladdin Jr., and the new 1940s musical Evelyn. She prides herself on her ability to work with large groups of 40 or more, her willingness to work with all ages-- from children to adults, her can-do attitude when it comes to teamwork, as well as the fresh, bold ideas she brings to the table. Every number can be a showstopper if given the energy it deserves!

Guest teaching and conducting master classes is upon request.

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Tap Choreo

"Me Too"- Tap Group
Come Together.png
Too Close.png
"Come Together"
Tap Duet
"Too Close"
Tap Solo
Tap Trio
Ordinary People.png
"Ordinary People"
Tap Solo
Tap Combo

Master Classes

Dance Master Classes
Students will be led through a warm up, possible across the floor and technique exercises (time permitting), and
will learn a combination. They will perform the combination in small groups to allow for individualized feedback. The students may also be asked to navigate the choreography under different given circumstances to challenge not only the students' retention of information, but also their ability to navigate the material as if it were a true performance.

  • Dance masterclasses are offered in the following:.

    • Tap (Rhythm & Musical Theatre)

    • ​Theatre Dance

    • Jazz 

    • CATS the musical (Original Broadway Revival choreography)

    • A Chorus Line the musical

Other Master Class Offerings

  • Swinging/Understudying

    • In this day and age, many ensemblists are expected to be able to take on the added responsibility of knowing additional roles besides their own. It takes a specific type of skillset to be able to manage playing more than one role, but how does one acquire that skillset and keep it all straight? In this class we will discuss the different types of understudies that exist in theatre, as well as learning effective strategies and tools to manage all the information.

  • College Theatre Programs

    • You've decided you want to pursue theatre in college! Now what? In this class, we will discuss the different types of programs that exist, the standard process for applying to audition for these schools, what to expect on the audition day, as well as how to go about selecting the program for you.

  • Audition Coaching

    • In this offering, students will prepare chosen material to be coached on (either individually or in a group setting) for college or professional auditions. Students will perform their songs/monologues, receive feedback for improvement, and work on interpretation of text and storytelling. We will also talk about standard audition procedures, preparedness, and work on building audition confidence.

  • Q&As

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